Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Suzette Haden Elgin here .... I'm setting up this blog so that readers of _Peacetalk 101_ will have a place where they can post material, exchange views, ask questions, and stay in touch. I'm not sure exactly what you will want, and I'll welcome your help as we go along. The only thing I'm going to add this morning is the book description and homepage information below.

Back to you later....


Description and homepage address:
"Henry is an ordinary man with a hard row to hoe, so disgusted with the state of the world and the state of humankind that he sees no way out except the most desperate measures. But then things that are not at all ordinary start happening to him -- as a stranger who seems to be only a homeless man lazily riding the bus all day shows him, one small mysterious step at a time, that he has another choice." Book excerpt, discussion questions and FAQ, and a mini-workbook are all available at the Peacetalk 101 homepage -- http://www.sfwa.org/members/elgin/Peacetalk101/Index.html.Peacetalk 101